What is Acresso Software Manager and How to Uninstall?

What is Acresso software manager and How to Uninstall it? Recently installed Nuance PDF Reader software in your Windows laptop? Then you might have noticed error message stating – “The following applications are using files that needs to be updated by this setup” with Files in Use header. The reason behind this pop up message is Acresso Software Manager.

We will take you through the in and outs of Acresso Software Manager and will present how to remove Acresso Software Manager from Windows PC.

what is acresso software manager

What is Acresso Software manager?

Acresso Software manager or Flexnet is the default software tool that will installed on your laptop when you install Nuance PDF Reader. It will be used by Nuance to deliver automatic updates.

You won’t be getting an option to choose whether to install Acresso Software Manager along with Nuance PDF reader or not. It will be installed without your notice. Interestingly, I could find anything about Acresso Software Manager or any third party installation information in the license agreement while installing Nuance PDF Reader.

The main purpose of Acresso Software Manager application is it checks for any updates in the installed programs and if there are any, it will prompt you to update or if you’ve set default settings, they will be updated automatically.

Acresso Software Manager tries to connect to the internet and checks for updates. Hence it consumes lot of data in the background and also slows down your system’s performance.

Is Acresso Software Manager safe to Keep?

There is absolutely no harm in keeping Acresso Software Manager in your Windows Laptop. It just checks for software updates and installs automatically if found any. It runs in the background and there might be chance that it is running on your laptop since long time when Nuance PDF Reader is installed.

But as mentioned earlier, this process consumes high CPU time hence sometimes it might cause system lag. As a temporary solution, you can find the Process ID of Acresso Software Manager and kill it. If you want to remove it permanently, you can follow any of the below mentioned solutions.

How to Remove Acresso Software Manager?

Have you checked in ‘Uninstall a Program‘ to remove Acresso Software Manager or Flexnet? I’m sure you were not able to find any software with ‘Acresso Software Manager‘ name. There are couple ways using which you can easily remove Acresso Software Manager from your laptop.

We will help you with this and list all the options how you can uninstall or remove Acresso Software Manager completely from your PC or Laptop.

 Remove Acresso Software Manager – Method 1:

As main culprit for installing Acresso Software Manager on your PC is Nuance PDF Reader, uninstalling this would solve the problem and completely removes Acresso Software Manager as well. Here is the step by step guide on How you can do that.

  • Step 1: Open your Windows Laptop
  • Step 2: Search for ‘Uninstall a program‘ and navigate to that window where you can see list of all the installed software on your laptop.
  • Step 3: Find ‘Nuance PDF Reader‘ or ‘Nuance Power PDF Advanced‘ software in that list
  • Step 4: Right click on that and you will find option to uninstall

If you don’t wish to use Nuance PDF Reader follow this method to completely remove Acresso Software Manager from your Windows laptop.

 Remove Acresso Software Manager – Method 2:

You need Nuance PDF Reader, follow this method to temporarily remove Acresso Software Manager.

  • Step 1: Open Nuance PDF Reader in your Windows Laptop
  • Step 2: Go to ‘Help‘ section on the top menu as shown in the below image.
  • Step 3: Choose ‘Nuance on the Web‘ option
  • Step 4: Uncheck ‘Automatic Web Update‘ option.

Voila! From now on, Acresso Software Manager won’t check for updates and automatically installs without your notice.

Common Problems you face with Acresso Software Manager:

  • Pop up window with message asking you to close ‘Acresso Software Manager‘ while installing any other applications.
  • It will display error message sometimes when there is no internet connectivity
  • Slows down the laptop performance


So with this I’m wrapping up this article on What is Acresso Software Manager and How you can Remove it. If you find any difficulties in uninstalling this application, do let us know through your comments. We will be glad to help you. Cheers!!

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